• Worksite Monitoring

Worksite Monitoring

Imagine being able to watch the progress of your new house being built?

InnerVision Engineering is excited to introduce HomePass, an innovative worksite monitoring system for homeowners, builders and site managers.

HomePass streams live images of the building site via CCTV to any device day or night, allowing you to keep track of your build.

For builders and project managers it acts as a virtual site manager, allowing you to efficiently coordinate deliveries, tradies and construction without having to set foot on site! Clients will also love that you can give them timely updates on the progress of their build.

HomePass also acts as a virtual guard dog, sending instant alerts regarding:

Unauthorised onsite access
Acts of theft and vandalism
Instances of illegal dumping

HomePass offers a significant point-of-difference to customers deciding on their homebuilder.

HomePass offers a full CCTV live stream without any power or communication connection! It runs off solar power with battery back-up.

InnerVision Engineering supply, install and maintain the poles, all hardware and software until the system is no longer needed.

Visit the HomePass website today to learn more or contact us.

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