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ParKam Smart Parking Solution Installed by InnerVision in Mornington Peninsula

29 Oct, 2019 - 09:58AM 276 1

InnerVision Engineering have recently completed the installation of a ParKam's smart parking solution for Mornington Peninsula Shire in one of their busy car parks at Rye Pier in Victoria.

The solution developed by ParKam is an image processing and AI-based smart parking solution that will provide users with information regarding parking availability and navigate them directly to an available spot. It will also provide Mornington Peninsula Shire with important information regarding parking utilisation and trends for this busy tourist hub, as well as insights into parking violations including overtime and parking in non-designated zones.

InnerVision Engineering completed the installation of cameras and equipment within a day and with minimal disruption to visitors to this busy beachfront area.

The solution is currently completing its machine learning phase and should be fully operational in time for the summer rush.

To see more about ParKam's solution visit their website: https://www.parkam.com/

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