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Introducing ParkBlue! InnerVision brings Tiba’s latest parking innovation to Australia

16 Jan, 2020 - 12:55PM 165

InnerVision Engineering is excited to provide Tiba’s latest innovation to the parking industry in Australia. ParkBlue is a cloud-based parking management solution that utilises Bluetooth technology from the driver’s mobile phone to control and complete a transaction. The solution has already been successfully implemented in several locations in the US.

ParkBlue is used as a long-range credential, functioning up to 15 ft. away, for monthly and employee access into and out of the parking facility. It creates a virtual, ticketless transaction allowing customers to use the app and simply tap their phone for entry and exit. As the driver approaches the entry and exit devices, the gate detects the mobile device and allows the parker into the carpark by using the phone as the credential.

Parking operators using ParkBlue can use the service to enable them to convert transient clients to registered users. Once registered, drivers can reserve, navigate and pay for parking via a user-friendly, intuitive application. Entry and exit of the car park is done automatically and the driver’s account is charged once they drive away.

ParkBlue increases convenience to the driver and throughput of the facility as less time is required in the lane to manually authenticate the driver. It also provides parking operators with the right information to create a marketing database for campaign management and revenue maximization.

Darren Casha, Managing Director at InnerVision Engineering said, “As an exclusive supplier of Tiba products to the Australian market, InnerVision has access to this innovative solution and is excited to be able to provide this technology as part of our extensive range of products and parking solutions”.

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