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Installation of New LED Screen Technology at Curtin University underway

10 Dec, 2019 - 01:12PM 162

InnerVision Engineering have just delivered five new custom-built, dynamic LED Screens to Curtin University Perth to be installed as part of the universities smart parking project delivered by software developer and parking solutions provider ParKam.

ParKam's innovative solution utilises image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning to capture real-time information regarding parking availability which can then be streamed to the dynamic LED screens for drivers entering the area to see.

The LED Screens developed by InnerVision use custom-built software to enable:

  • Real-time streaming of information from an internet source
  • Customisation of content by location to make it relevant to the viewer
  • Ability to display dynamic images, videos, real-time information such as parking availability or weather updates and more
  • Ability to play multiple messages or images concurrently
  • Content can be updated and controlled remotely
  • Remote pixel monitoring to check for outages

ParKam and Curtin University were recently awarded the prestigious Parking Australia Award for Excellence in Technology and Innovation (Off Street) and InnerVision was also recognized by BICSI South Pacific for the complex installation. The solution will be fully functional by early 2020. Stay tuned for more!

For more information about InnerVision's LED Screens visit https://innervision.engineering/led-screens

For more information about ParKam's smart parking solution visit: https://www.parkam.com/

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