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InnerVision & Shield to Provide Specialised Security Solutions to Clients.

22 Oct, 2020 - 02:36PM 8

InnerVision Engineering and Shield Corporate Security are excited to announce a formal partnership which will provide clients with streamlined security solutions.

InnerVision and Shield have developed a strong working relationship after working on various projects together including security installations for medicinal cannabis and pharmaceutical facilities and for not-for-profit community organisations.

Shield has found using InnerVision for the installation of security solutions has assisted them in maintaining the high quality of service they are well known for. InnerVision has the capability to provide a seamless installation and a diverse range of high-end product solutions for client needs.

Zac Dromi, Managing Director Shield Corporate Security said, “It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Darren and the team at InnerVision. Our clients have benefited greatly from their specialised security installations. It is essential to apply a holistic approach to security, as clients require security documentation and risk assessments in order to proceed to the installation process. InnerVision consistently provides high-quality products and timely installations. We look forward to working together on more security projects and installations in the future.”

Specialised Security Solutions:

When you choose InnerVision and Shield for your security solution, we work to understand the required scope of the project and find the most cost-effective ways to meet your security demands. We work hand in hand with every client to take the time to explain the reasoning behind each recommendation and each product being installed. 

Shield will work closely with the client to build a road map that can help sustain improvements to the security of the organization over an extended period. A detailed operational plan starts with a revision of the risk to the site. The risk assessment delivered at the end of the process is unique. It flags and prioritizes the client’s variabilities and suggests a comprehensive solution. 

After discussing the assessment report, clients can set goals from short term fixes to major projects to improve security. Shield will then work closely with InnerVision to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

Shield can also provide everyday routine security procedures, personnel and any security-related emergency planning. Staff training can also be delivered to ensure they are better prepared in an emergency.

For more information about Shield's services visit: www.shieldcorporatesecurity.com

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