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InnerVision launches new LED Screen Technology

19 Sep, 2019 - 12:18AM 263 1

InnerVision Engineering have developed unique custom-built Vision Screen software for our own line of LED screens that allows for dynamic, real-time display and remote pixel monitoring in a first of its kind anywhere in the world.

The new software will allow for content to be customised by location and made relevant to the viewer. Screens can display dynamic images, videos, real-time information such as parking availability or weather updates and more. They can also be set up to play multiple messages or images, which may allow for the inclusion of advertising space and an additional revenue stream. Another great feature is that content can be updated and controlled remotely from anywhere.

The LED screens themselves are fully customisable, from the size of the screens right through to supporting hardware components and structural elements and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The screens will also be used to power ParKam’s smart parking solution. Vision Screens will be used to display real-time parking availability information and announcements as captured by ParKam’s camera-based system. Installations of Vision Screens are already scheduled at Perth Airport as part of their new swift drop-off zone, and at Curtin University as part of their Perth campus’ smart parking project.

“This is a first for LED screen technology and we are seeing a lot of interest from companies already, particularly within the parking industry. This technology will allow parking operators to provide relevant and timely communication directly to their customers using our interactive screens, allowing for a much more efficient and positive experience for all.” says Darren Casha, Managing Director, InnerVision Engineering

For more information contact us at sales@innervision.engineering


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