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Seamless System Integration

InnerVision Engineering can provide a wide range of intercom solutions, from terminals for any need to hardware and software intercom servers.

We offer clients a complete service from assisting to select an intercom system to suit their needs, providing the hardware and software required and completing the installation and systems integration to ensure it runs efficiently. We also offer our clients after sales support and piece of mind that their chosen system will stand the test of time.

We partner with Commend who provide a wide range of high quality and reliable intercom systems. Commend's product portfolio covers every intercom need allowing for a seamless system integration and ease of installation.

Intercom Terminals

We can provide intercom terminals of all types whether it be:

  • vandal resistant
  • terminals with camera
  • terminals with call buttons
  • wall mounted
  • emergency call stations
  • touch screen
  • LCD display

…we have it all covered with access to Commend's top of the range, high-quality terminals.

Intercom Terminals

Intercom Servers

We can also supply and integrate the servers needed to power the system. From hardware intercom servers to Commend’s innovative new software intercom server Virtuosis, we can assist our clients to find a solution suited to their specific needs.

Software Intercom Server

VirtuoSIS by Commend is designed to integrate seamlessly into the world of virtual IT environments. It has the same functionality as Commends hardware-based servers but at lower investment and operating costs.

  • Suitable solutions for any system size
  • Software Intercom Server based on ­Linux (­Debian)
  • for virtualized IT platforms
  • Ultimate availability – Ultimate security
  • Supports IP, digital, analogue and SIP Intercom stations
  • Supports all Intercom functions and feature levels


Hardware Servers

GE 300 Intercom Server by Commend is ideal for intercom systems where small, manageable units are combined to form a network. The simple modular construction of the basic operating system enables continuous upgrading for new applications and features.

  • Compact housing, suitable for wall mounting
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • For all kinds of Intercom stations (IP-based, digital or analogue)
  • Integrated functions for door and gate control, alarms and conferences as well as central control desks
  • Plug-and-play CCTV integration
  • Wide range of applications


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