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InnerVision Engineering can supply, install and maintain a complete car parking management solution for clients.

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Parking Systems


We partner withTiba Parking Systems who are a global market leader in delivering flexible and integrated parking systems to customers. Tiba’s robust, open architecture system is highly scalable and based on modern software tools meaning it can easily integrate to third party applications and the latest technology within the industry.

Tiba also provides reliable hardware platforms, designed to keep the price of initial acquisition and ongoing maintenance down. Together we can provide our clients with an effective and reliable parking solution that is adaptable to changes in technology whilst maximising efficiency and ROI.

Tiba Products

Tiba Entry & Exit Terminals

X60 Series Product Information

The new X60 family, with its modern and up to date processor-based technology, is the fastest and most secure parking system in the market. The new line supports a multitude of credential readers and sensors, with a customizable faceplate and an extra-large multifunctional display. It uses uses native TCP/IP communication, but can also support Rs485 protocol allowing a complete mix-and-match between TIBA Parking's previous hardware line and the new X60 family.

The X60 provides a ticketless, frictionless parking experience but also has the capacity to hold the largest ticket rolls in the industry. It also comprises of a built-in pin-hole camera and VoIP intercom. An extra-large touch screen allows for sophisticated user interaction with dynamic rate displays, multiple payment options, and a personalized parking experience. A modern look and feel, and a smaller footprint give the system a refined appearance. The X60 hardware is stainless steel providing durable weather resistance and longevity.

  MP-60 Entry Terminal Data Sheet

  SW-60 Exit Terminal Data Sheet

  VPS-60 Vehicle Pay Terminal Data Sheet


Tiba Pro-M-T Barrier
Parking Pro-M-T barriers deliver ultra-fast 1.3 second opening time, high reliability and superior quality.

TIBA’s intelligent serial communication makes for pain free installation and on-site trouble shooting. As a fully integrated part of a TIBA managed parking facility, these barriers provide real-time remote control, operations, monitoring and diagnostics, all through TIBA’s SmartPark FMS.

Pro-M-T Barrier Data Sheet

Tiba Boom Gates

LPR Cameras
HTS & RedLPR License Plate Recognition (LPR) fully integrates into the TIBA SmartPark FMS and connects each vehicle to the parking ticket received upon entering the parking facility.

LPR gives parking managers and operators tight control over all the different populations passing through the parking facility gates, directly resulting in Increased Revenue, Increased Traffic Throughput, Enhanced Customer Satisfaction, Efficient Carpool Management, and allows you to determine exact duration of visit in case of lost tickets. Other advantages include decreased fraud attempts, blacklist license plate numbers to automatically trigger system alerting the operator via mobile device or control screen, and various notifications for security or VIP.

Tiba LPR Cameras

ParkBlue - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Terminals

TIBA’s ParkBlue utilises Bluetooth technology from the patron’s mobile phone to control and complete a transaction. ParkBlue is used as a long-range credential (functioning up to 15 ft. away) for Monthly and Employee Access into and out of the parking facility. ParkBlue creates a virtual, ticketless transaction allowing customers to use the app (Android and iPhone), and simply tap their phone for entry and exit getting rid of or offering backup to traditional credentials.

Authenticating Users: There are two ways to add users to the system:

(1) By Mobile Phone: Owner/Operators can simply upload a list of mobile phone numbers to the system. Once the customer is prompted to download the ParkBlue app, they will simply download the app, activate it, and ParkBlue will send an authorization PIN to the mobile phone numbers uploaded to the system. Once the PIN is entered by the customer, the account is added and the user is active.

(2) By Authorization: Users are directed to download the ParkBlue app. Once they do so, they enter the required information set by the administrator. A notification will then pop up on the admin portal for authorization and the administrator will grant the appropriate permissions for the user.

ParkBlue Bluetooth Parking App
App Stores

SmartPark Facility Management System (FMS)

SmartPark Facility Management System (FMS) allows the user complete control over the facility’s Parking Access and Revenue Control Operations. This flexible and secure solution provides level count and count control, reporting and data import/export capabilities, complete revenue control and auditing and central credit card management through our proposed Payment Express EMV solution. The system will provide the ability to maximize vehicle throughput, revenue and access control, and data interchange to ensure full system accountability.

SmartPark is reliable, flexible and feature-rich and does not require frequent and costly upgrades. With SmartPark, operators can monitor and control all aspects of their facilities including occupancy, system alarms, credential usage, equipment status, and lane traffic. SmartPark allows you to easily open/close barrier gates, restart lane equipment, or even send a new fee to a pay station. Additionally, key facility personnel can receive email alerts and/or reports for virtually any system activity.

SmartPark provides a full complement of reports for all aspects of your facility including transient, monthly, valet, hotel, pre-paid and event activity. SmartPark provides real-time revenue reporting on a local and enterprise scale. Additionally, SmartPark tracks hourly occupancy, entry/exit statistics, transient transactions and contract activity.

SmartPark Facility Mangement System

Cloud-Based Server Solution

TIBA has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to offer a secure Cloud option for offsite server housing and data storage. Developing, managing, and operating the site applications requires a wide variety of complex technology services, and with the industry leaning more towards Cloud-based service versus the traditional on-site server systems, entities migrate their information off-site to 3rd party data management warehouses to lessen their liability.

TIBA recognizes this trend and is providing a modern, robust, industry-leading technology infrastructure platform backed by Amazon, highly qualified in the deployment of business-critical applications in a cloud environment.

Amazon Web Services

Reservation Apps and Loyalty Integrations
TIBA has the ability to interface with several 3rd Party Reservation firms to allow visitors to the site the ability to download the 3rd Party Reservation APP and prepay for parking or make a reservation on demand.

Tiba Third Party Apps


Parking Operation - Entrance

Parking Operation - Exit

Pay on Foot Machine

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