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Bay Finding Solutions

InnerVision Engineering is the integration specialist and the installer of choice for smart parking software developer ParKam.

Real-time parking information.

ParKam’s innovative smart parking solution utilises existing cameras and infrastructure. The solution is image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) based, providing real-time information regarding parking availability.

Key benefits include:

Provision of real-time and historical data regarding occupancy and activity level, enforcement alerts and more.

Data can drill right down to the bay level with 99% accuracy.

The solution is based on artificial intelligence (AI), deep machine learning and image processing.

It includes the only turn-by-turn navigation system that can take the user all the way from home to an available bay within a carpark.

It can detect parking violations from users parking in non-designated zones and send real-time alerts therefore allowing for an enforcement component.

As it is camera-based it can double as security system too, therefore providing a variety of solutions from the one camera!

One camera can overlook up to 100 bays, presenting significant cost savings on installation and maintenance.

Data is transferred in three ways via a Navigation App, Parking signage (Dynamic LED Screens) and a powerful BI tool for analytical data. To get the most accurate results the system is cloud-based, however it can accommodate to customer requests for on premise.

Introducing ParKam's Swift Drop-Off!

ParKam have also developed an innovative solution for airport drop-off zones that utilises AI deep machine learning and image processing to capture bay availability information and stream it in real-time to LED screens for drivers entering the airport to see.

This solution can help reduce the stress for drivers of trying to find a free spot, reduce bottlenecks, and increase the efficiency of the drop off zones at airports! It can even send alerts to officers onsite to move drivers overstaying their welcome right along!

InnerVision Engineering has installed ParKam’s smart parking solution at:

Curtin University Perth (WA)

Wyndham City Council (VIC)

Perth Airport (WA)

 Mornington Peninsula Shire (VIC)

For more information about ParKam's solutions visit www.parkam.com

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