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About Us

InnerVision Engineering provides parking operators and businesses with software, hardware and integration solutions for leading edge technology across Australia and New Zealand.

Our highly trained staff work around the clock to deliver a seamless project to our clients. Our ability to work with all brands and software, and to project manage to the highest level, allows us to deliver a customised solution to suit your business needs. Together we can provide our clients with an effective and reliable parking solution that is adaptable to changes in technology whilst maximising efficiency and ROI.

Our vision is to be global leaders within the technology and parking industry in:

  • Systems Integration
  • Technology & Software Development
  • Customer Service

We provide a range of technology solutions including:

Car Park Systems
Access Control
Security Systems
Work Site Monitoring
LED & LCD signage
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Our people

InnerVision Engineering prides itself on having a strong team of people that are customer focused and ready to help drive innovation.

Our current structure consists of the following:

  • National Sales Team
  • Project Management Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Network of contractors Australia-wide (50+)

Since starting in 2014, our business has been growing at a phenomenal rate which has necessitated to the needed for expansion. Our sales, project management and software development teams are continuing to grow and we have multiple offices around Australia.

Our expansive network of contractors across Australia is a huge asset to InnerVision and is what allows us to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs. We are careful to only select contractors that have a proven track record in the services we require, are highly qualified and meet all OH&S requirements. Above all, they must share our values of being customer-focussed and responsive to client needs. Our contractors are trained directly by us and our partners in the use and repair of our hardware and software solutions and any associated infrastructure requirements.

room to move

We understand things can change very quickly in the parking industry and retail sector. We have developed our technology, software and general company philosophy with ‘future-proofing’ in mind. Flexibility, Adaptability and Innovation are key to everything we develop.

Our Clients